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We offer many options for splashbacks in your home. These can be matched or contrasted to
your worktops.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is a way of instantly giving your
home a quality and upmarket feel. Add a touch of sophistication to your home with Marble or Granite Benchtops or Splashback.

Quartz Stone

Combining the beauty and strengths of quartz – one of nature’s strongest minerals, quartz surfaces retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone yet are resistant to stains, scratches and are easy to clean.

Idea and Inspiration Books

Another fantastic service that we offer here at CR Stone is our ability to help you narrow down the look you desire by using idea and inspiration booklets. We understand that completely renovating your kitchen or bathroom can be daunting, especially when there’s just so much to choose from! It can also be tricky to visualise what you want and how everything is going to turn out before it’s completed. With CR Stone however, you needn’t worry about the final product. By talking to our highly skilled team, we can produce an idea booklet tailored to your style preferences. For example, if you want a kitchen with dark cupboards and a marble bench top, don’t you want to see how those two features compliment each other before you order? This service is 100% free and we’ll do all the research for you. All we request is a little bit of your time so we can collaborate on a look that suits your personal taste.

For additional information about this complimentary service or inspiration for your own kitchen or bathroom, please contact our team on (03) 5032 4302.

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