Australian owned, Zenstone, experts in architectural stone and porcelain surfaces was created from a desire to introduce and supply high-end stone and porcelain surfaces to the Australian design space through three exclusive collections: Aurea, Lumina and Litex.

Zenstone comes with more than 40 years of experience that ranges from sourcing and importing to fabricating and installing stone and porcelain surfaces. Zenstone’s people have travelled the world to source the right products from the ground up by understanding the sourcing and composition of raw materials and observing the manufacturing and quality control processes.

Zenstone’s three collections represent trend, high-end, quality, innovation, sustainability, durability and manageability with absolute aesthetic beauty. Zenstone was born to introduce and supply stone and porcelain surfaces that will enlighten your design space and take it to the next level.

NEOS Technology

Nano Enhancement of Surfaces (NEOS), is a new high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for Aurea Stone surfaces.

Invisible to the naked eye, NEOS has been scientifically formulated to produce a hybrid protectant with physical characteristics that resists staining, keeps surfaces clean and guards against everyday wear and tear. With the application of NEOS, Aurea Stone surfaces are safely protected from acid corrosion.

This is due to the chemical stability of NEOS which resists ranges between pH1 and pH13, making it the only protectant resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

NEOS has been innovated to form a permanent bond with the components Aurea Stone; its technology requires zero maintenance and requires no future application because NEOS lasts forever. This makes Aurea Stone one of the most durable products in the industry.

With Neos technology, Aurea Stone offers a lifetime warranty on staining.

Care & Maintenance

Zenstone’s general care advice

  • Please ensure you clean all spills and marks as soon as possible. Do not allow spills to sit for long periods of time.
  • Only use Ph Balanced (6Ph-8Ph) cleaning products to clean your benchtop.
  • Do not use scourers or steel wool on your benchtop which are abrasive and can affect your surfaces, this includes abrasive cleaning products.
  • It is a good idea to use a soft cloth reserved just for cleaning your benchtops.
  • Do not expose your benchtops to solvents, nail polish etc.
  • Do not stand on your benchtops.
  • For more detailed care and maintenance please refer to the manufacturer’s brochures for their care advice and warranty terms found on our website.

We are so pleased that you have chosen Zenstone’s surfaces and we know that you will enjoy them as much as we love bringing these surfaces to your design space.

Pricing & Affordability

To provide you with the best value, Zenstone offer five pricing categories comprising of different colours, patterns and textures to suit various design needs and budgets.

These five ranges are: Enduring Range, Deluxe Range, Innovative Range, Boutique Range & Signature Range

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Zenstone Lumina Range – Slab View Gallery

Zenstone Aurea Range – Slab View Gallery

Zenstone Litex Range – Slab View Gallery

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