Lavistone provides only the finest quality of quartz surface. The manufacture begins with a strict inspection of all incoming raw materials, these are blended at a ratio of approximately 86% natural quartz aggregates with polymer resins and pigments.

Lavistone has an ongoing focus to perfect their range of premium high-quality quartz backed with NSF and Greenguard certifications. They offer a 10-year limited warranty on all the products, giving you peace of mind to truly create your dream kitchen, bathroom vanity, and your lifestyle.

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Designed For All

Durable and easy to maintain, Lavistone’s colour stands the test of time and is ideal for both residential and commercial environments. Lavistone transforms any interior on surfaces including benchtops, splashbacks, vanities, feature walls, etc.

Explore the abundance of possibilities presented in their extensive range and discover a stone that is as individual as you. Whether you aspire to timeless elegance, minimalist serenity or unmistakable drama, their exclusive colours and designs will bring your vision to reality. Simply plain, masterfully grained or interspersed with veins, Lavistone combines a contemporary aesthetic with the beauty of nature. Beyond sight, feel your space and be touched by our creations in a myriad of textures. 

Create a space to be admired, experienced and remembered with Lavistone. 

Care & Maintenance

Lavistone products are easy to maintain. For everyday cleaning, simply use a damp cloth, with warm water and pH neutral cleaning products to make it look like new.
Lavistone products does not require polishing or sealing to maintain a glossy finish and smooth surface, as it is a non-porous product.

Pricing & Affordability

To provide you with the best value, Lavistone offer five price ranges comprising of different colours, patterns and textures to suit various design needs and budgets.

These five series are: Home Range, Stylish Series, Premium Edition, Lifestyle Collection and Dream Journey.

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