Transforming imagination into functionality, Neolith is the premium fashion stone. Imported directly from Europe, Neolith synergises the utmost design principles with functionality, resulting in a scratch, stain and heat-resistant surface. Made to the highest international standards, Neolith is available in a wide range of styles and textures and is suitable for the most demanding applications.

Extraordinary Surface

Neolith has created a new way of thinking about shapes and spaces. Architects around the globe are redefining design and creating unprecedented ideas.

Infinite Application

Available in both slab and tile sizes, Neolith is suitable for the most demanding applications, both indoors and out. Neolith’s unparralled characteristics make it suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, facades, fireplaces, BBQ areas and more.

Exquisite Textures

With four different finishes available – Stain, Silk, Riverwashed and Polished, Neolith is prefect for creating the illusion of depth in the most exclusive of spaces.

Technical Features

Technical Features After years of research and innovation, Neolith is a testament to technological development. Consisting of all raw materials, pressed under immense pressure, Neolith’s technology is unprecedented in the construction industry. As a result, Neolith is the new superior standard in surfaces. Sintering is a method used to create objects from powders. Extreme heat is used to bond particles together, before reaching their melting point, in order to create solid shapes. This is a method commonly used in the manufacturing of ceramics. Neolith is made from clay powders and 100% natural colour pigments and is a man-made product. Granite and Marble are considered to be natural stone, while quartz-based surfaces are called engineered stone. While natural and engineered stone can be used in some of the ways Neolith can be applied, Neolith slabs are much bigger in size and they are lightweight by comparison. Hi-tech technology has enabled Neolith to offer very slim slabs to the market that retain all their incredible properties such as strength, durability, and extreme heat resistance. With the exception of the marble-inspired range, Neolith slabs have a matte finish, while stone surfaces are usually polished to create a smooth, high-gloss surface.

SCRATCH RESISTANT – Resistant to scratching and abrasion due to the hardness of the surface.

RESISTANT TO HIGH TEMPERATURES – Does not burn in contact with fire or let off smoke or toxic substances.

EASY TO CLEAN – Resistant to chemical cleaning agents.

WATERPROOF – An absorption level near zero makes it resistant to stains.

SUITABLE FOR HEAVY TRAFFIC – Due to the hardness of the surface.

RESISTANT TO UV RAYS – Does not deteriorate from exposure to the sun or extreme temperatures. 100%

RECYCLABLE – Up to 52% of any Neolith slab is comprised of recycled raw materials 100%.

NATURAL – Resin-free. Does not release any harmful substances into the environment.

HYGIENIC – Completely suitable for contact with food. Does not release harmful substances.

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