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A benchtop is much more than just a showpiece; it’s a place for socialising, cooking, sharing and living. That’s why Essastone® by Laminex® is engineered to guard against staining, scratching and citrus acid marks, making it quick and easy to clean. Made in Europe from up to 95% natural quartz, every Essastone engineered stone slab is backed by an exceptional 15 year limited warranty. The high content of natural quartz makes Essastone remarkably resilient and virtually maintenance-free. Essastone is scratch and stain resistant, however no surface, including Essastone, is indestructible. Following the care and maintenance guidelines will help you keep your Essastone surfaces looking great.

Essastone Collections

Stone Ambassador surfaces are materials composed of 93% natural quartz, resins used as a binding agent and pigments. Stone Ambassadors veined surfaces are manufactured using advanced technology to create the most natural looking surfaces available in engineered stone. Stone Ambassador gives you the natural beauty of stone but with a harder surface. Quartz stone is known for its endurance and tough combination of minerals, therefore Stone Ambassador offers superior durability and the practical benefits of being:

Scratch, stain, crack and heat resistant
Resistant to common household cleaners
Low maintenance
Non-absorbent and nonporous
Mould and mildew resistant
Colour consistency Residential lifetime warranty

Edges Profiles

Stone Ambassador can be fabricated with any edge profile but square edges are not recommended as they are most prone to damage from chipping. The most common type is the pencil or bevelled edge. All polished edges should have a minimum radius of 4-5mm as the greater the surface area of the edge; the more resistant the edge will be to chipping. The Stone Ambassador Warranty does not cover damage to polished edges through wear-and-tear or negligence.

Essastone is adequate to any possible edge profiles, from the most popular single thickness 20 or 30mm slabs, through to laminated double thickness edge options. The minimum suggested edge detail is a 3-4mm radius on any profile. A better option is a 6mm radius. The larger the radius the more resistant it will be to accidental impacts from heavy objects. Sharp non- radiused edge profiles should never be used.

Horizontal Application
Vertical Application
Food Safe Certified
Low Maintenance
Stain Resistant
Impact Resistant
Water Repellent
Dimensional Stability
Scratch Resistant
Citrus Acid Resistant

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